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Delivering open financial services to the next billion

We are builders enabling a full stack of financial services on top of Bitcoin with open access to anyone.

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Our mission.

Growr is creating a world of equal opportunity for everyone and guiding people in achieving more in life.

Today, a quarter of the world’s adult population does not have an account with a formal financial institution yet. In some countries of the Global South, financial exclusion is as high as 90%. We believe that every person—no matter their walk of life—has the right to use simple financial services. The ability to pay and get paid, save for their short- and long-term goals, finance their personal and business projects, and protect their family against life’s surprises, can be available to all at a fair price, thanks to digital technology.

Money is not an end goal; it’s a means to help people achieve their life dreams. Unfortunately, only 33% of people globally are financially literate, and more than half of the world’s population lives without savings. We believe that every person can plan their goals and work towards reaching them without being afraid of losing their hard-earned savings to inflation and other crimes, only by using the right financial tools.

What are we building?

We imagine the world in 2040 with 1 billion people—currently considered unbanked—having fair and secure access to the financial services they deserve.

Bitcoin is a global open network that provides free access to the soundest money that has ever existed, and the ability to pay and get paid instantly with nearly zero fees, thanks to its second-layer Lightning network.

Growr is building on top of that to complete the stack of financial services that every person deserves, starting from sustainable productive lending and financial health tools that provide personalized guidance.

Improving financial health.

Growr is building a community and tools that empower people to take their financial health into their own hands. We have started with a financial health checkup and personalized advice on improving your situation.

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Fair and sustainable micro-lending.

The Growr protocol enables micro-entrepreneurs to receive instant productive loans based on their self-sovereign credit record without over-collateralization. In contrast to traditional microfinance, Growr facilitates an open and global lending marketplace and enforces a fully transparent deployment of capital.

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Who are we?


Radoy Stoyanov

Co-founder, vision and go-to-market


Zhivko Angelov

Co-founder, product and operations


Valentin Genev

Co-founder, technology

These are the values we abide by.


We dream of an open world of abundance, equality, privacy, and inclusion, where every single person—no matter their starting point—is free to choose, has the right to access, and has the opportunity to grow personally following their journey.


Most financial services are provided in a way that creates confusion and does not help protect the people from abuse and exclusion. We imagine a world where every person can select the best service with fair conditions and where capital is deployed to make the right impact without the risk of misuse.


Engineers, designers, storytellers, and financiers who are masters in their craft and committed to contributing to society are actively building our community. We are creating a safe environment where people can share their experiences and challenges and get support.


Money is not the end goal—it’s just the means to go smoothly through your life moments and struggles and to achieve your dreams. We empower people by delivering innovative financial services designed around life.



Accra, 7 Dec 2022

Growr-initiated project AgriMint wins during ABC 2022

AgriMint, a project initiated by Growr to serve informal financial groups enabling them to become self-sovereign micro-banks, won the Building for Africa track of the Legends of Lightning tournament, organized by Bolt.fun and sponsored by the Africa Bitcoin Conference. Radoy Stoyanov was on stage in Accra, Ghana to present the project.

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Amsterdam & Dubai, 12 Oct 2022

Growr attending Bitcoin Amsterdam and GITEX 2022

We are excited to announce our graduation from the StartAD CSA9 accelerator program, which provided us with a great guidance for our go-to-market strategy. This week, Growr’s Radoy Stoyanov and Zhivko Angelov are attending Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022 and GITEX 2022 in Dubai, where they are meeting potential partners.

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25 Jul 2022

Growr releases version 0.3 of the protocol

Today, we are releasing the next version of the Growr protocol with multiple bug fixes and new features in the core protocol and the borrowing app.

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London, 29 Jun 2022

Finextra TV showcases Growr

Richard Peerce from Finextra TV—the leading financial technology media—asked Growr’s Radoy Stoyanov to share the global problems the protocol is solving.

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London, 28 Apr 2022

Growr wins big at Finastra’s Hack to the Future

Growr has won Best Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) submission at Finastra’s Hack to the Future 4 annual global hackathon and second place in the Decentralized Finance category. Thousands of participants from over 75 countries submitted 230+ projects focused on sustainable and inclusive finance, embedded finance, and decentralized finance.

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10 Apr 2022

Growr releases version 0.2 of the protocol

Today, we are releasing a major update to the Growr Protocol, demonstrating the power of self-sovereign identity and decentralized risk management as enablers of financial inclusion.

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San Salvador, 9 Dec 2021

Growr wins Best Overall Product award at the Bitcoin Bankathon

We are proud to announce that we have won the Best Overall Product award at the Bitcoin Bankathon in El Salvador, organized by Banco Hipotecario in collaboration with API3 and Open Bank Project and sponsored by Qredo and Tropykus.

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15 Nov 2021

Growr launches the Financial Health Checkup

Financial healthcare is at the heart of Growr’s ethos. Today, we launched our first product—the Financial Health Checkup. It provides a quick checkup of your financial health and personalized advice on improving it.

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