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What we do

Growr is building a global community aiming to revolutionize and democratize the way people learn, get advice, and use open, fair and sustainable financial services.

Growr provides its members with personalized financial education and tools, within a human-focused gamified environment. Mentors are also part of the community, helping people in need get the right financial “treatment”, independently from financial service providers. They are not rewarded based on sales commissions but based on the overall success of the community members.

It’s time to embark on a journey to financial independence, learning how to master your money and create a better life for yourself and your family.

Step 1: Check your financial health

Start with knowing your financial health, get prescription on how to improve it, monitor and experience your progress.

Step 2: Embark on weekly quests

Learn new skills and create new habits by taking little “pills” of distilled wisdom, personalized for your situation and needs.

Step 3: Use interactive money tools

Creating and following your budget, knowing what you own & owe, and planning the future has never been easier with our money tools built to empower your own life moments.

Step 4: Find mentors

Tap into our network of experienced mentors who are not incentivized to sell you a product to earn commission, but invest in your future success and the community.

Step 5: Choose from the marketplace

In the future, financial services will be owned by the people, not the rich elite. Our marketplace provides access to the best deals from partners who have committed to give back to the Growr community—and to you as a member.

Step 6: Learn, own and earn

For the first time, the ownership economy enables you to own a part of the community and start earning by improving your financial health and mentoring others.

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