Fair unsecured loans through self-sovereign identity and decentralized risk management

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Why Growr protocol?

Growr enables financial inclusion through fair & instant unsecured loans based on a self-sovereign identity and decentralized risk management, instead of requiring over-collateralization.

Loans with fair conditions

Growr creates a global decentralized marketplace to match supply and demand at the best possible price. This open free market creates fair conditions by enforcing the same rules for everyone.

Empowerment of local communities

Local players can use the protocol to facilitate access to credit by understanding the risk context and defining the right risk model, and social circles play an important role in referring borrowers and supporting them throughout the loan lifecycle.

Yield on excess capital

Investors across the globe can deploy their excess capital through the protocol and generate yield depending on their risk appetite.

Revenue growth for merchants

Merchants can grow their revenue by offering "buy now, pay later" type of credit facilities to their customers, facilitating origination and collection within the community.

Transparency in capital allocation

Growr enforces sustainable lending policies by embedding financial health incentives for borrowers, and enables end-to-end transparency down to the level of each individual borrower how investor's capital is allocated.

On-chain credit record

Instead of relying on risk data locked within proprietary databases, Growr provides an open credit record model, which also preserves the privacy of the borrowers through a self-sovereign identity.

How does it work?

Growr enables institutional and individual investors to fund lending pools according to their risk/reward appetite, and borrowers to apply for and receive unsecured or partially secured loans.

Self-sovereign financial identity

A digital identity, based on W3C’s DID and VC standards, owned and managed by the user, storing their credentials and promoting financial health through personalized advice and education.


Financial institutions, FinTech companies and non-financial providers such as merchants, telcos and employers, facilitating access to the protocol through a simple and secure way for borrowers to easily apply and obtain fair loans.

Credential issuer

Trusted parties (such as financial providers, telcos, merchants, NGOs) issue cryptographically verifiable credentials to the borrowers about their financial and non-financial life that are stored in their self-sovereign financial identity.

Risk assessor

Risk assessors are third parties trusted – or even owned – by the lenders that perform verification of borrowers' credentials and assert their eligibility to receive a loan.

Growr core protocol

A decentralized smart contract ecosystem for lending and borrowing on top of the Bitcoin network and RSK, with open access for everyone. The key differentiator of Growr is that loans are provided against verified credentials from borrower's self-sovereign financial identity and decentralized risk assessment, instead of requiring over-collateralization.


A regulated or unregulated party that is providing loans on the global lending marketplace with specific conditions and eligibility criteria.

Liquidity provider

Lenders can apply to get liquidity from liquidity providers and pay yield to them.

Peseta: fair loans made easy.

The Peseta app was designed for El Salvador, as a simple and secure way for consumers and merchants to easily apply for loans on top of the Bitcoin network.

Link account

Link your bank account and social profiles to Peseta to create your personal financial identity.

Apply for loans

Use the Peseta app and your financial identity to apply for a loan and get an instant response.


Through integration with the Lightning network, Peseta enables instant payments to any merchant in El Salvador.

Manage your loans

The Peseta app has all the tools to manage every aspect of your loan transactions, withraw the amount to your Chivo wallet and easily pay it off to build your credit score.

Learn and earn

Learning the features and benefits of Bitcoin through short tutorials earns you fractional bitcoin to build wealth and pay off loans.

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Growr's litepaper is a short non-technical description of how the protocol works and the main concepts behind it.



Growr's documentation provides in-depth details about the different components of the protocol – distribution & identity, risk management, liquidity, payments and governance.


GitHub repositories

Visit Growr's GitHub page to view our open source repositories and contribute.


Video tutorial

For an visual overview of Growr, its concepts and borrowing and lending apps, check our playlist on YouTube.